Game Dev Diary

Day 6: Break and let’s catch up #

I don’t actually do anything new on this Sunday! Instead in this day I will try to get you and myself up to speed with where I left this diary off a year ago.

I was working through Coding Train’s Autonomous Agents playlist and I got this far:

This is a repo of my work a year ago, I left all the commits untouched with all their chaotic nature, and there’s one extra commit of some changes that were just left floating for a year.

This repo was using what would one day be called Bevy 0.6 directly from its main branch. We didn’t have shape at the time and I was actually researching how to render a circle? Yes, genuinely. There was going to be a chapter called Day ?: Everything is a lie and triangles that maybe I will still go back and write some day. Long story short I had no idea how to render a circle and the suggestions I found of “lots of triangle” didn’t make sense to me so I downloaded bevy_protoype_lyon and ran the examples that rendered circles and inspected what components were added… And they were just lots of circle. I WAS SO DISAPPOINTED AND I FELT SO BETRAYED WHAT DO YOU MEAN EVERYTHING IS JUST TRIANGLES WHERE ARE MY CIRCLES WHAT IS THIS.

Besides teaching A, I will be going back to this repo and resurrecting it, updating Bevy to 0.9 and removing things that aren’t needed anymore and continuing on my journey of implementing all the different cool Autonomous Agents behavior. Looks like it already had Seek and SeekCursor. I wonder if those two could be merged one way or another, probably!

So many exciting adventures ahead of us! ❤️