Game Dev Diary

Day 0: Reborn like an orange Phoenix #

So it has been a year! I went on an adventure of creating the software that will drive this diary until the day it dies, I then went on an adventure to reverse engineer Unity’s formats mostly for fun. And then I was on a real life adventure to move across the world. And then I rented a house for the first time in my life. It’s really been one heck of a year.

Exactly one year ago I was inspired by my friend L and Daniel Shiffman to really focus on learning what it means to make games. With the good Bevy by my side I had fun and learnt a lot and wanted to share what I was learning with future Mathy and the world. I wanted to document the natural learning process which I deeply enjoy and thus the idea of making a “diary” was born. Also I love diaries.

As life got busy the diary never left my mind. I always wanted to go back and continue the journey. I tried to wait for the “right time” when life would get a bit less hectic but that might not be happening for quite some time. Also I clearly still did it anyway what with all the being “the day of the diary” and all.

Exactly one month ago I actually got to meet Daniel in real life. And a bunch of other really cool people. That was a really fun day.

So with all those dates aligning. Also with another friend of mine starting to learn game development. LET’S DO THIS.

I did a bunch of changes to the previous posts, originally was called “Day 0”. The point of “Day 0” and “Day 1” is to mark the day when I decided to start this journey. The dates are meant to be real time; if I miss a week because I am busy with something else the entries would jump by 7 days. This comes back to the point of the diary being a representation of the natural learning process. Ever watched a video of someone making something fantastic and thinking, “How many human days with all their imperfections, being sleepy and tired after a full time job did it take this random person on the internet to come to this entry that I find really appealing?” Well with my diary that’s the first thing in the title!

But because I didn’t really learn all that much during the original run, I decided I get this reset. But everything is in place now. My diary generator is working great. I won’t need to move across continents for a while… probably. Life is still busy and exhausting but let’s make the most of it! So I am promising myself this is my one reset. will be “Day 1” forever.

There were some WIP entries for few more days after Day -364: Enter Bevy & Shaders are hard but I don’t think I remember exactly what happened one year ago to finish them properly at this point. And I think that’s okay, organic natural diary and all.

Bevy got a bunch of updates during that year, then even started a release train model which I think is going fairly nicely. Generic Associate Types were just released in Rust and Bevy is already using them. Isn’t that crazy? We will be using the brand new Bevy 0.9, which is not released yet but that’s how we always roll!

There will also be more articles and more infrastructure around game dev diary because you know I can’t stop myself from going on whacky tangents. But the goal is for the tangents to not stop the main trip this time.