Game Dev Diary

Day -365: Down the rabbit hole we go #

The day started with me finishing up the rest of the live stream from yesterday. I think coming out of that live stream I had an okayish idea of what a fragment shader was, though was still not truly sure why the name "fragment" instead of "pixel" and was EXTREMELY lost on vertex shaders and the whys of them. Nevertheless was very excited to be learning more

I contacted L good morning and quickly said from the excitement of finally understanding shaders a bit more

Do you wanna start a repo together where we translate every nature of code sketch to nannou?

Unknowingly to me at the time this was the trap I told L at . It was one of my usual wild ideas and I didn't realize it will send both of us down two separate quantum entangled Wonderland rabbit holes.

L showed hesitancy as she says she is not good enough for this, when in reality she is really awesome at it. Though she let me show her one of the ways we can do this in Rust by having a workspace with multiple projects.

With that idea in mind though I went back to Coding Train videos, quickly found myself watching Coding Challenge #145: 2D Raycasting, B├ęzier curves (Coding Challenge 163) and then thinking to myself, I should really be focusing on the Nature of Code 2 playlist not these fun distracting coding challenges... and so I opened it and read through the names, and got excited by the prospect of finally following along with Chapter 5: Autonomous Steering Agents, which I have seen a bunch before in Dan's older videos, a long time ago, but never sat down to actually try to implement any of it.

With that in mind I started on 5.1 Autonomous Steering Agents Introduction - The Nature of Code but it was already pretty late so I paused for the night and went to land of dreams.